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                To strengthen quality control, so that product quality has leapt to a new level of our company to "pursue zero defect, better access to Taiwan-Taiwan products; services are of one mind, a brand-name products" for the quality policy, and strictly implement prevention-oriented all-round , The entire process of quality control, in the spirit of "user services, users, allows users satisfied" with the aim of solemn commitments:

                First, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control and quality assurance standards for construction and protection products to ensure implementation of the system in a timely manner to provide users with high-quality products. 
                Second, the use of the product, such as manufacturing quality problems found in the user received a notification, to respond in a timely manner, within 48 hours of service personnel dispatched to the scene, Fanchang For repairs, to ensure that both sides agreed delivery time . 
                Third, the company's motor manufacturing, a one-year warranty, one year shelf-life in accordance with relevant state regulations on the quality of the motor, the implementation of maintenance and the provision of paid services or accessories. 
                Fourth, I will give priority to ensuring the long-term supply of equipment, spare parts, and to supply the ex-factory price at the time. 
                Fifth, the establishment of users and the quality of work product, the company set up file services, and regular visits to the user, I understand and master the use of our products, the implementation of follow-up services.